New contractor appreciation program recognizes first project

July 18, 2017

From Roanoke County, VA

Roanoke County’s department of Community Development has selected the LewisGale Emergency Center project, being constructed at the corner of Ogden and Electric Roads, to receive the first Stormwater Clean Award.

Land development in Roanoke County presents difficult challenges in the management of stormwater runoff due to the very steep slopes and highly erodible soils in the region. Because of these challenges, Roanoke County created a Contractor Appreciation Program to recognize land disturbing contractors who conduct exemplary work within the County to protect its natural water resources.

“In addition to meeting all of the requirements in the program’s selection criteria, Jeff Nordstrom of Charles Perry Partners Inc. (CPPI) has shown a sincere desire to keep the site in compliance with the state erosion control and stormwater regulations,” said Cindy Linkenhoker, Roanoke County’s Stormwater program manager. “Mr. Nordstrom and the LewisGale site provide an excellent example of how to engage in land disturbing activity with minimal impacts to the environment, especially to its natural water resources.”

Roanoke County inspectors submit candidate projects to a selection committee who meet monthly to evaluate the projects for recognition. Selected projects are recognized with a permanent sign at the project site, as well as recognition in the department’s newsletter and on the County’s website.