Idylwild Elementary School Addition and Renovation Underway

June 3, 2021

May 2021 Update:

Building 17 is sailing along at the Alachua County Public Schools’ Idylwild Elementary School Redesign and Redevelopment project. Foundations and exterior walls are complete, and slab-on-grade and structural steel are underway.

In Buildings 2 & 7: MEP rough-in is underway with drywall installation right behind. The rest of the existing buildings are now being prepared for paint and finishes.

Building 17’s Progress throughout May 2021

On April 16, Alachua County Public Schools and Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) hosted a Redevelopment Project Kickoff event to celebrate the completion of foundation work and block wall going up on the new Building 17 on campus. Renovations are also now underway at the school’s existing buildings.

The event heard from Idylwild Elementary Principal Lisa Peterson, Alachua Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon, School Board Chair Dr. Leanetta McNealy, as well as other staff and parents of Idylwild Elementary. To mark the milestone event, concrete commemorative garden stones were made and attendees were encouraged to sign them. Representatives from CPPI and Rhodes + Brito Architects were also in attendance to show support.

In mid-2020, CPPI was awarded the Idylwild Elementary School Redesign and Redevelopment project by Alachua County Public Schools.

This project will enhance students’ learning environment by updating campus facilities with the latest technologies, improving vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and increasing student capacity.

The project consists of a new 40,000 square-foot multi-purpose building, new bus and parent drop-off loops, and a complete renovation of remaining structures on campus.

The new building, known as Building 17, will feature 19 classrooms, a multi-use dining hall and auditorium space with a raised performance stage, a full-service kitchen with two serving areas, and a teacher dining area. Each classroom will have student and teacher storage, restrooms, a sink, and a water bubbler.

The building was designed in an L-shape to enclose a central courtyard in the middle of the school’s campus, providing added security. A sweeping roof and colorful columns will make the building the campus focal point from SW 20th Terrace and allow ample light inside.

The new bus loop, with an entrance and exit along SW 20th Terrace, will be placed alongside Building 17.

A new visitor and staff entrance, coming from 44th Avenue, will be added to reduce traffic on SW 20th Terrace. This drive will lead to the new parent drop-off loop and a parking lot with 140 spaces.

Renovations of the existing buildings will include HVAC replacement, new ceilings, light fixtures, flooring, paint, and more.

Once complete, all buildings on campus will also be connected with covered canopy walkways.

In partnership with Alachua County School and Rhodes + Brito Architects, Inc., CPPI began work on the school in late 2020. Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 were demolished, as well as the paved bus loop, parking lot, and parent car loop with entry and exits on SW 20th Terrace.

In March, the southwest corner of the project site was cleared and the first concrete footings of Building 17 were placed.

Visit us monthly for updates on the project’s progress!

A Look at Building 17’s Progress: January – April