CPPI awarded HCA International Parkway Freestanding Emergency Room contract

March 3, 2018

Orlando, Fla. – CPPI was recently selected as the construction manager for HCA’s 11,610 square foot International Parkway Freestanding Emergency Room project in Orlando.

CPPI has partnered with Hereford Dooley Architects to design the fully-equipped standard freestanding ER facility, with all related site work and amenities. The project and site will also be devised for a future hospital addition.

This project is one of a long line of freestanding ERs that HCA and CPPI have partnered together to build. CPPI Project Director David Rush spoke on their relationship, “Because of our recently completed, and current freestanding ER successes, CPPI was fortunate to be selected for the International Parkway project. This will be our second freestanding ER under the Central Florida Regional Hospital leadership team, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them.”

CPPI broke ground on the International Parkway Freestanding ER in early March 2018, and is estimated to complete the project in November 2018.


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