Charles Perry Partners, Inc. celebrates 50 years in Gainesville and beyond

February 27, 2018

Gainesville, Fla – On Friday, February 16, 2018, Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) held a reception to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the general contracting/construction management/design-build industry. This year marks the company’s 50th year in the general contracting, construction management, design-build industry. Since February 5, 1968, CPPI has completed thousands of projects for healthcare, education, government and other institutions.

Last year, the company took steps toward the future when it appointed three new principals, Matt Webster, Executive Vice President, Vinnie Moreschi, Vice President and Jason Morgan, Vice President, to join Principals Breck A. Weingart, Chairman, John V. Carlson, Principal, and Brian K. Leslie, President, in leading the organization.

CPPI’s leadership has grown along with its physical presence. While the company’s commitment to serving the Gainesville community holds steady, it has also expanded founder Charles R. Perry’s vision throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States. CPPI offices are now located in Gainesville; Orlando; Tampa; Jacksonville; Savannah, Georgia; and Roanoke, Virginia.

Even with its significant growth to over 200 employees and six offices, the company has stuck to its mission of building long lasting relationships and structures. Indeed, it is difficult to talk about the work completed in Gainesville and beyond without reflecting on all of the relationships built along the way.

Regarding the company’s legacy, President and Principal Brian Leslie said, “It’s easy to be passionate about the work we do, because whether it’s advanced healthcare options or new avenues for working and learning, we get to watch our work support growing communities across the Southeast. Chuck Perry left us with the foundation and the ideals to succeed, and we’re looking forward to carrying that legacy through the next 50 years. Our 50th anniversary celebration was a wonderful way to acknowledge our success and thank all of our clients and partners, without whom we wouldn’t be here today.”


Recognized as a powerhouse of innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and expertise, CPPI performs a wide range of services, including project planning and modeling, budget estimating and cost management, project scheduling and construction. For more information, please visit CPPI’s website at , follow CPPI on Twitter @CPPI_News, or call 888-435-CPPI.